Jeffrey Bergier

Jeffrey Bergier

Well everyone, I have big news. I bought an apartment! Its a 2 bedroom and about 53m². It has an all new interior, plumbing, electrical, appliances, etc. The building is fairly new and has all the latest and greatest earthquake standards. Its in Jinbōchō right in the center of Tōkyō near the Imperial Palace, the Buddōkan, and Tōkyō Dome City. Also, the train lines are great. I can get to Shinjuku Station, Shibuya Station, Tōkyō Station, and Ginza in 10 minutes or less.

Well, why did I do this? Am I planning to stay in Tokyo forever? Not sure yet. But I’m really enjoying my new work at Woven Planet working on awesome stuff for Toyota. Everything I’m working is several years out and I want to see this stuff through. That combined with the home loan interest rates being insanely low (0.4%-1.0%), it didn’t make much sense to rent any more. So now I have this great place, the mortgage is less than my old rent. Instead of throwing away nearly $1800 per month, I’m now throwing away about $400 in interest and building fees. The rest goes to the principle.

I could go on and on about this place, but I’ll try to keep the post short. I have already shared this with my parents. I hope the shock wasn’t too much. I do plan to visit again once its safer. But for now, know that I’m doing well and have crossed another major milestone in my long process of becoming an adult.

I also want to thank all my friends and family. I know I’ve been a bit out of touch through this pandemic. Right when it becomes the social norm to do video calls, I somehow don’t have a lot of energy for it. Its not you though, its just me. My social skills are definitely waning and burnout is always close (there’s nothing to do except work). But I’m working on it. I hope to be in touch with more of you soon.

For now, please enjoy some photos of the place 📸