Jeffrey Bergier

Jeffrey Bergier


I recently moved… a post to come on that soon. But for now, since its Christmas and things are lit up nicely, I wanted to share some incoherent ramblings about my commute home from work.

I work in 日本橋室町 (Ninhonbashi muromachi) near 三越前駅 (Mitsukoshimae station). The 半蔵門線 (Hanzomon line) can take me directly home from this station. But the walk to 日本橋駅 (Nihonbashi station) is really nice.

Here is 三越本店 (Mitsukoshi main store). This department store is famous and was originally founded in 1673. I don’t have much use for expensive department store goods, but I often run through the デパ地下 (department store underground food area) to get a bento 🍱 on the way home. Also, as far as I’m aware, the station is the only station in Tokyo named after a private company. There are others named after government buildings or universities but none named after companies, except for Mitsukoshimae station.

This is the view after crossing the Nihonbashi bridge. I didn’t take a photo of the bridge, but its the official center of Tokyo and has a marker to display that. Also, from here you can see the competing department store, 高島屋本店 (Takashimaya main store) (the orange illuminated one on the left).

Also, difficult to see in the photos, but my favorite part of this street is the lighting. The road is long and straight and every streetlight is illuminated on the side for a really incredible look.

The station entrance is at the first intersection in the photo and from there, I can take 東西線 (Tozai line) 6 minutes to home.

Once I arrive at 九段下駅 (Kudanshita station), I’m greeted by 専修大学 (Senshu University) and the 首都高 (Shuto Expressway). While the expressway isn’t the prettiest thing in the world, I always appreciate how the bottom of these things are not only kept clean, but kept shiny. This consistent level of cleanliness is one of my favorite things about Tokyo.

If I turn around from here, I can walk to 靖国神社 (Yasukuni shrine). And if I turn right I can walk to 日本武道館 (Nippon Budokan). And, of course, if I go straight for about 2 minutes, I end up right at home🏡.