Jeffrey Bergier

Jeffrey Bergier


Ōmeshi Sakagura Kengaku

Ōme City Sake Brewery Tour

One of my friends has the benefit of working for a tourism activity selling company. They occasionally get free tickets to do fun activities. On this one went went took the 中央線 (Chūō line) train that I live on about 2 hours past my house and we ended up in an amazing forest in western Tokyo in 青梅市 (Ōme city).

The 澤乃井 (Sawanoi) tour was really cool. The brewery itself is over 300 years old and was pretty interesting. As with many things in Japan its a cool mix of old and new. The building is 300 years old but the equipment and techniques are all modern. Afterward we went across the street to their tasting room and restaurant. We tried many styles as well as we had an a really tasty lunch. Lastly, we explored the small temple on the other side of the river from the brewery.

Also, don’t forget to know your terms 🍶